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Garmin 22933-52 Nexus NX Start Pack 3

Hot Deal Garmin 22933-52 Nexus NX Start Pack 3
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Garmin 22933-52 Nexus NX Start Pack 3

Garmin 22933-52 Nexus NX Start Pack 3 Description

"Nexus NX Start Pack 3 Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, The Nexus 22933-52 is a NX Start Pack 3 which is used to deliver contineous data on wind and a variety of other factors. By including Sea Data multification instrument and an NX wind instrument in the system, it makes the user more convenient by monitoring wind conditions and selection of other data at the same time. The WSI connection box collects and processes all the information collected from the transducers and then send it to the Sea Data Instrument via a single cable and then to the Wind Instrument. Followed by WSI connection box collects its information by wireless wind transducer via unique radio link. 22933-52 Features: Start Pack 3, Provides Depth & Speed Data, Start Timer - Trip Timer, Unique Radio Link Transmission, Deep / Shallow Alarms, Also Displays Following Information: - True Wind Speed & Angle - Apparent Wind Speed & Angle - Baromatric Pressure - Speed, Average Speed, Max Speed - Trip, Total Log - Battery Voltage, Includes: Sea Data Multifunction Instrument, NX Wind Instrument, Wireless Wind Transducer, Triducer, WSI Connection Box"

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Garmin 22933-52 Nexus NX Start Pack 3
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