Black Friday Sale High Point Vinyl Modern Tablet Arm Chair Review

General this High Point Vinyl Modern Tablet Arm Chair is extremely well produced, works wonderfully, I understandably think the decide to purchase is really worth extra money.

High Point Vinyl Modern Tablet Arm Chair

Hot Deal High Point Vinyl Modern Tablet Arm Chair
Price : $1149.00 (price as of : 2014-11-09)
Brand : High Point
Merchant : National Business Furniture
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High Point Vinyl Modern Tablet Arm Chair

High Point Vinyl Modern Tablet Arm Chair Description

Treat your guests to modern convenience and style when you equip your reception area, lounge or other public seating space with this vinyl tablet arm chair. This eyecatching chair features a swiveling tablet arm that provides users with a writing surface perfect for filling out forms and setting down belongings without having to put them on the floor. Dualwheel casters on the back of the arm chair make moving it across the room easy, and an attached handle on the back makes pulling more manageable. Visitors to your waiting area or lounge can enjoy cushioned comfort thanks to a generously padded, 5" thick seat which provides plush support. Upholstered in sleek vinyls, this chair is durable and low maintenance enough for regular use in a busy public space. Simply wipe the upholstery down at the end of each day and you're good to go. Anodized aluminum legs give off a sleek, contemporary look that sets this vinyl modern tablet arm chair apart from the crowd. Fully assembled. All Eve products are custom made to order and nonreturnable. This product has been Level 2 certified to support better sustainability standards for offices, homes, schools and healthcare facilities. Products that have obtained Level certification have met sustainability standards through a multiattribute scorecard which takes into account materials, energy and atmosphere, human and ecosystem health, and social responsibility. 5827UA-CA006

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High Point Vinyl Modern Tablet Arm Chair
Merchant : National Business Furniture
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