2014 Black Friday Kids' Mobile Audio Books for iPod/iPhone/iPad (Annual Subscription) (50 Licenses)

Kids' Mobile Audio Books for iPod/iPhone/iPad (Annual Subscription) (50 Licenses) is actually an amazing stuff for a amazing price, worth every dollar. Truly satisfied.

Kids' Mobile Audio Books for iPod/iPhone/iPad (Annual Subscription) (50 Licenses)

Hot Offer Kids' Mobile Audio Books for iPod/iPhone/iPad (Annual Subscription) (50 Licenses)
Price : $699.93 (price as of : 2014-11-09)
Brand : Tales2Go
Merchant : Academic Superstore
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Kids' Mobile Audio Books for iPod/iPhone/iPad (Annual Subscription) (50 Licenses)

Kids' Mobile Audio Books for iPod/iPhone/iPad (Annual Subscription) (50 Licenses) Description

This Parents' Choice Gold Award winning mobile app gives teachers and parents instant and unlimited access to over 1,700 audio stories from leading publishers and storytellers to play on Apple mobile devices (such as iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches) in the classroom, at home, in the car or on the go. Listening to audiobooks is a proven pathway to becoming a skilled reader at all reading levels, as listening exposes kids to vocabulary, builds critical listening and comprehension skills and excites kids about literature. Stories range from well known fairy tales to Clifford and Curious George to popular series and characters such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Ivy and Bean, American Girls, or How to Train Your Dragon, not to mention classics such as Treasure Island and Swiss Family Robinson. New titles are added each month. Reading Resource Help a struggling reader Help students read beyond their reading level Build critical listening and comprehension skills Model reading out loud Over 1,700 Titles Instant, on demand and unlimited access to the entire library The titles you know and love from leading publishers (e.g., Scholastic and Recorded Books) and storytellers (e.g., Bill Harley, Diane Ferlatte, Jim Weiss) We're adding new titles each month Easy to Use Kids know and love iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads Kids know how to use apps Simple navigation to select and play a story Tales2Go is all about entertaining your kids with great stories that will make them giggle, laugh, think and ask questions. Subscribe Get instant access to hundreds of the best kids' stories for one low annual price. Less than the cost of purchasing stories on CDs or by download Easier than checking out and returning CDs at the library Quicker than downloading and syncing stories Select Choose stories from award winning storytellers and leading audio publishers. Find and select stories in multiple ways: by age, story type, publisher, etc See what's highly rated and popular Save and bookmark your favorites Stream Streaming gives you instant, on demand access to the entire Tales2Go library. Just click on a story and it plays Streams what you want, when you want it Tales2Go works with both carrier and local WiFi Tales2Go requires a WiFi or carrier (e.g., AT&T or Verizon) signal to operate in most instances. The current story selected is temporarily stored on the device, thus it is possible to continue listening beyond a signal area (e.g., start listening to a story at school on an iPod Touch and then finish it in the car) . Testimonials: "I think our struggling readers could find a love of reading by hearing those books they want to badly to read." Andrea Gardner, Instructional Technology Specialist, Westford Public School, Westford, MA "We love the quality of storytellers and the variety of books, including some recent bestsellers! Keep up this great literary offering!"" L. Dooley Compatible Apple iOS devices: iPhone iPod Touch iPad Download information Tales2Go is a subscription service that is delivered via an Apple app. To start using Tales2Go and activate your subscription: 1) Visit the Apple App Store and download Tales2Go on an Apple mobile device. Tales2Go is a free download and initiates with a free 30 day trial that will be added to your subscription. 2) Launch the app and 'Log In' with your Academic Superstore account email address (this is how Tales2Go will know it's you) ; you will also be asked to provide a password for security. 3) Enjoy! Tales2Go will typically reflect your annual subscription within your account within 48 hours of purchase. Please email support@tales2go.com with any questions or problems. 4) To add up to five devices to your account/subscription, download Tales2Go on an additional device and, likewise, 'Log In' using your designated email address and password.

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Kids' Mobile Audio Books for iPod/iPhone/iPad (Annual Subscription) (50 Licenses)
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