Black Friday Sales 2014 Modal - Twist-pen Stylus - Pink/mint Review

All in all the Modal - Twist-pen Stylus - Pink/mint is extremely well created, goes to work wonderfully, I certainly look into the order will probably be worth any extra budget.

Modal - Twist-pen Stylus - Pink/mint

Hot Deal Modal - Twist-pen Stylus - Pink/mint
Price : $14.99 (price as of : 2014-11-09)
Brand : Modal
Merchant : Best Buy
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Modal - Twist-pen Stylus - Pink/mint

Modal - Twist-pen Stylus - Pink/mint Description

Take notes on both your touch device and sheets of paper with this Modal MD-MSTP2L stylus, which features a tip that interacts with compatible touch screens as well as twist-pen functionality that makes it easy to jot down information.

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Modal - Twist-pen Stylus - Pink/mint
Merchant : Best Buy
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