Black Friday Sales 2014 Nexus Omnibus 3 Review

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Nexus Omnibus 3

Hot Offer Nexus Omnibus 3
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Nexus Omnibus 3

Nexus Omnibus 3 Description

Horatio Hellpop, AKA Nexus, is charged and empowered to end the lives of the galaxy's mass murderers - and there is no shortage of targets But when Nexus delegates some of his execution docket, the appointed assassins go on a rampage, causing mass destruction and killing thousands. Nexus must intervene and try to stop the slaughter, lest he become responsible for a genocide of his own Created by Mike Baron and Steve Rude, the award-winning Nexus is a superhero/science-fiction masterpiece. This value-priced omnibus collection includes a guest artist appearance by Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy.

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Nexus Omnibus 3
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