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The iPad Adjustable Floor Stand.

Hot Offer The iPad Adjustable Floor Stand.
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Merchant : Hammacher Schlemmer
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The iPad Adjustable Floor Stand.

The iPad Adjustable Floor Stand. Description

This is the iPad floor stand that telescopes, tilts, and swivels to hold the device at any position for optimal comfort. Four bungee cords on the platform hold an iPad or a similar device inverted over your face while you lie down or sit supine in a lounge chair, eliminating the need to hold the device in awkward positions and leaving hands unencumbered to navigate apps. The stand telescopes from 30" to 53" high, yaws, and rotates 360u00BA, providing customizable comfort whether you are reclined, seated upright, or standing. The stand can be placed next to a chair or couch while keeping the iPad in your line of vision, and the four casters enable quick relocation. Also ideal for holding a device while you are exercising, cooking, or performing hobbies, the stand adjusts to also hold a Kindle, Nook, or other tablet computers and e-readers. Minor assembly required. 30"-53" H x 13" sq. (30 lbs.) u000Du000Au000Du000Au000Du000A.testimonial quote (u000Du000A width: 508px;u000Du000A text-align: center;u000Du000A) u000Du000A u000Du000Ablockquote (u000Du000A padding-top: 10px;u000Du000A overflow: hidden; /* clearfix alternative */u000Du000A font-size: 14px;u000Du000A line-height: 150%;u000Du000A color: #212121;u000Du000A font-family: georgia;u000Du000A width: 480px;u000Du000A u000Du000A) u000Du000A.bqstart (u000Du000A float: left;u000Du000A height: 0px;u000Du000A margin-top: -20px;u000Du000A padding-top: 45px;u000Du000A margin-bottom: -20px;u000Du000A font-size: 600%;u000Du000A color: #dedede;u000Du000A) u000Du000A u000Du000A.bqend (u000Du000A float: right;u000Du000A height: 0px;u000Du000A margin-top: -20px;u000Du000A padding-top: 45px;u000Du000A font-size: 600%;u000Du000A color: #dedede;u000Du000A) u000Du000Acite (float: right; margin-top: 2px; margin-left: 0px; line-height: 90%; font-size: 13px; color: #111111; font-style:italic) u000Du000A u000Du000A u000Du000Au000Du000A"Great for hands free reading and researching!"- P, Illinoisu000Du000Au000Du000A

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The iPad Adjustable Floor Stand.
Merchant : Hammacher Schlemmer
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