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Used Apogee Quartet For Ipad & Mac Audio Interface

Hot Offer Used Apogee Quartet For Ipad & Mac Audio Interface
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Used Apogee Quartet For Ipad & Mac Audio Interface

Used Apogee Quartet For Ipad & Mac Audio Interface Description

Apogee Quartet is a professional USB audio interface designed to deliver the ultimate mobile and desktop recording experience to iOS and Mac. Featuring 4 inputs and 8 outputs of Apogees industry-leading AD/DA conversion technology as well as 4 world-class mic preamps, Quartet bridges the gap between the 2-channel Apogee Duet and the Apogees flagship interface, Symphony I/O.Quartet for iPad and Mac features special circuitry designed to deliver professional performance for iPad use along with low latency USB 2.0 performance for Mac. Quartet's MIDI I/O connector lets you connect and power a Core MID compatible keyboard/controller while using Duet with your iPad or iOS device.MUSIC CREATION ON iPadPad puts you in touch with your creativityInteracting with iPad to make music is like playing an instrument. In fact, some apps like Apples GarageBand turn your iPad into a guitar or virtual instrument. Whether you are moving faders on a mixer, adjusting software parameters, or editing a waveform, iPads multi-touch interface is a more hands on environment and superior to mouse clicks or track pad swipes.Theres a music app for everythingThere are hundreds of music apps for iOS and iPad. With multi-track recording DAWs like GarageBand and Auria, synths and drum machines like Animoog and DM1, utilities and guitar effects like Audiobus and JamUp Pro, the music creation offering for iPad is vast and varied. And most apps are more affordable than their Mac based counterparts.Setting up your studio has never been easieriPad makes everything easier with a simplified user interface and plug and play connectivity for accessories like Apogee audio interfaces. Youll be amazed by how simple it is to set up your studio.Share your musicSharing functionality is built-in to most apps, making it easier then ever to move files and collaborate on different devices including iPad to Mac.Direct digital connection to iPadApogee ONE, Duet and Quartet for iPad and Mac feature special circuitry that makes a direct digital connection to iPad and iOS devices* and is certified by Apples MFi (Made for iOS) program.*Connection to iOS devices with a Lightning port requires the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter.DC power charges iPadIn audio, adequate power is essential for excellent sound quality. With a direct digital connection and an external power source Quartet is able to charge your iPad while you record so your work will not be interrupted.SOUND QUALITYA difference you will hearFrom the mic preamps to the AD/DA converters and the clocking, Quartet is best-in-class and cutting-edge Apogee technology. With components carefully selected in critical listening tests and a highly efficient circuit design, Quartet makes a difference you can hear.Smooth, detailed world-class mic preampsQuartets mic preamps feature the latest components and offer seamless click-free transitions as the gain increases and decreases throughout the incredible range of 0-75dB. This unprecedented feature allows you to

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Used Apogee Quartet For Ipad & Mac Audio Interface
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