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Luxor Le54Cwt-B 54

Hot Deal Luxor Le54Cwt-B 54" Plasma Table
Price : $337.16 (price as of : 2014-11-09)
Brand : Luxor
Merchant : ToolKing.com
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Luxor Le54Cwt-B 54

Luxor Le54Cwt-B 54" Plasma Table Description

You'll find 42" (W) shelves on this A/V center cart, along with a 24" (D) , lockable cabinet. The included 3-outlet surge-protected unit delivers the power you need wherever you go, and the cart includes a 15' cord and cord winder. Its light, durable build is perfect for those who need easy-push mobility. Roomy Shelves The spacious shelves on Luxor A/V carts are 42" wide and 24" deep, and feature a 1/4" safety lip. These dimensions allow you to cary a lot of office essentials along with a 60" (diagonal) plasma TV. Built-In Electrical Assembly This model has the advantage of a streamlined 3-outlet electrical assembly with a 15' cord and cord winder. This model features surge protection for all of your attached electrical devices. Spacious Lockable Cabinet A bottom cabinet adds great value to this mobile A/V cart. It comes with a key to enable teachers, for example, to put necessary documents out of sight and out of reach. Easy-Glide Wheels Luxor has set smooth easy-glide wheels with locks on this 54" (H) multimedia cart. 3 outlet, 15' surge suppressing electric assembly, UL and CSA Listed Extra Wide top Shelf Lifetime Warranty

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Luxor Le54Cwt-B 54" Plasma Table
Merchant : ToolKing.com
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