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Nexus 22921-1 Nexus NX Wind Pack 1

Hot Deal Nexus 22921-1 Nexus NX Wind Pack 1
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Nexus 22921-1 Nexus NX Wind Pack 1

Nexus 22921-1 Nexus NX Wind Pack 1 Description

"Nexus NX Wind Pack 1 Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, The Nexus 22921-1 is a NX Wind Pack 1 with wireless wind transducer and WSI Box. It is a basic wind measurement NX package in which wireless wind transducer sends data via unique radio link to the WSI connection box then it proceses the information and sends it via a cable for display on the NX wind Instrument. The NX wind instrument is used to display a graphical representation of the wind angle relative to the direction in which the boat is travelling. Similarly, it also shows true or apparent wind angle in analog form if Nexus log transducer is connected. 22921-1 Features: Nexus NX Wind Pack 1, Graphical Representation of Wind Angle, Unique Radio Link Transmission, Wireless Transducer, Digital Display - Apparent Wind Speed - Apparent Wind Angle - True Wind Speed - True Wind Angle, Includes: NX Wind Instrument, Wireless Wind Transducer, WSI Connection Box"

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Nexus 22921-1 Nexus NX Wind Pack 1
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